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Little by little, and almost without realizing it, we have been filling ourselves with technological tools in order to protect our assets, also technological. And above all to keep our privacy and our sensitive data safe and away from cybercriminals who can take advantage of them or misuse them.

The issue goes even beyond the false sense of security that comes from thinking that by having installed an antimalware or antivirus on my device I am already completely protected. «You are already vaccinated» is said with a relieved face, when it does not work like the real vaccines, nor do they ensure total protection against any disease.

It is definitely proven that buying detection/protection technology is not synonymous with greater security and, on the contrary, doing so and believing that we are, exposes us in a greater way.

This is what the article IT Governance (which you can access by clicking here) talks about, based on a study by VMWare and Forbes which, although it was carried out in the UK, I am afraid that it is repeated without major variations in each of our environments.

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Epilepsy safe modeDampens color and eliminates flickeringThis mode enables people with epilepsy to use the website safely by eliminating the risk of seizures resulting from flashing or flickering animations, and risky color combinations.

Cognitive Impairment ModeHelps focus on specific contentThis mode provides different assistance options to help users with cognitive impairments such as dyslexia, autism, stroke and others to focus on the essential elements of the website more easily.

ADHD-friendly modeReduces distractions and improves focusThis mode helps users with ADHD and neurodevelopmental disorders to read, navigate and focus on the main elements of the website more easily, while significantly reducing distractions.

Blind ModeAllows the site to be used with a screen readerThis mode configures the website to support screen readers such as JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver and TalkBack. A screen reader is software for blind users that is installed on a computer and a smartphone, and websites must be compatible with it.Online Dictionary

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Con un diseño instantáneo en vivo y un editor de arrastrar y soltar de edición en línea, puede crear su sitio web mientras ve exactamente cómo se vería. La solución de código abierto de Elementor viene con docenas de widgets y características listas para usar. Además, puedes integrarte con otros servicios de marketing o ampliar aún más las capacidades de Elementor con los documentos para desarrolladores.

Ahorra un tiempo valioso, pon en marcha tu proceso de creación de sitios web o encuentra inspiración con nuestros kits y plantillas de sitios web hechos por diseñadores. Aplica un kit de sitio web completo para obtener un sitio web en un instante, incluyendo la página de inicio, la página de servicio y mucho más. Utiliza la biblioteca para importar plantillas de páginas individuales, bloques o ventanas emergentes a tu sitio web. También puede crear y exportar sus propias plantillas e importarlas a otro sitio web para crear planos de sitios web reutilizables y acelerar su proceso de creación de sitios web.

Ajuste sin problemas el contenido y la presentación de su sitio web a cada dispositivo. Con los puntos de interrupción personalizados, puede ofrecer la experiencia más optimizada para cada visitante, tanto si ve su sitio web en un ordenador de sobremesa como en un móvil, una tableta, una pantalla ancha, etc.

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If we intend to carry out lifelong and life long learning, is it important to create a foundation to prepare for other learning situations and/or create a false sense of learning?

I suppose we will agree that it will be necessary to prepare ourselves personally and socially and not only this, but also to associate it with a transformation of contexts and this within the creation of a NEW CULTURE with other values.

It may happen that some will say that «a false learning» can also occur and it is true, but that will always be because of what is understood by learning and what each person is willing to do.

It is a path that is said to be complicated, when really it is one of the easiest things we can do, what happens is that we do not realize most of the time or also, that we do not want it to happen since we are fine with what we have done all the time.

A widely accepted way of understanding learning in society in general, and also in university and continuing education settings, is to conceive of it in terms of acquisition and retention.  Some of the characteristics that this orientation promotes in students may be: