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You still don’t know what WordPress is? You want to make a website and you are trying to learn code with a lot of effort? The secret of almost 40% of the websites that have been created in history is WordPress.

It is an open source software (you can have access to all the code) that we can also try to improve within its community. Therefore WordPress is free and we can download it from their servers for different purposes.

Changing the visual appearance of a website in WordPress can be done with just a few clicks. In the official repository there are thousands of free themes that will allow us to have a professional looking website in seconds.

Plugins extend the capabilities of WordPress with utilities, ranging from something very simple, to completely change the operation of the web. There are plugins to share on social networks, to have an online store, to improve site performance, to create widgets ….

There are also plugins that are visual editors that allow us to modify the themes and create very advanced custom templates without hardly touching the code. Some of the most famous are Elementor, Divi and Visual Composer.

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One of the things that makes our applications more eye-catching and pro-looking are animations. Some time ago I wrote this post explaining how to make simple animations in Xamarin.Forms. What I want to explain here goes a little further. I’m going to tell you how I manage to animate transitions between pages, moving … Continue reading Animating transitions between pages in Xamarin.Forms → Animating transitions between pages in Xamarin.Forms.

A few days ago, I had the need to create a carousel view, so I did not hesitate and downloaded the Nuget CardsView from @Andrik_Just4Fun The complication I had is that my control not only had to behave as a carousel, allowing to visualize different items by scrolling vertically, but also had to allow to move the whole … Continue reading Moving a carousel in Xamarin.Forms →

One of the controls that has undergone quite a few changes with the arrival of Xamarin.Forms 5 is the RadioButton. New properties have been included, making it easier to customize. For example, BorderColor, CornerRadius, Content, etc… Thanks to the content property, we can put a view in the RadioButton, getting to have whatever we want, achieving effects such as the … Continue reading Radio button customization in Xamarin Forms 5 →

Eliminar archivos error_log con tarea Cron en cPanel

¿Alguien encuentra estas dos afirmaciones contradictorias? ¿No estoy entendiendo algo, o son estas declaraciones realmente contradictorias entre sí? ¡Afirmación UNO de output_handler: «output_handler debe estar vacío si este [zlib.output_compression] está puesto ‘On’ ! En su lugar, debe utilizar zlib.output_handler. «Declaración DOS de zlib.output_handler: «No puede especificar manejadores de salida adicionales si zlib.output_compression está activado… «La declaración UNO dice que tiene que utilizar zlib.output_handler, si zlib.output_compression está activado. La declaración DOS dice que, si zlib.output_compression está activado, no se puede utilizar zlib.output_handler.

Con la esperanza de que esto ayude a otros – un inconveniente difícil de detectar cuando se implementa zlib.output_compression. si utiliza flush() en cualquier parte de su script (incluso justo al final) la compresión no funcionará – tiene que dejar que suceda automáticamente o termina siendo enviado sin comprimir.

Visual FoxPro – VFP Advanced, an unofficial VFP10

When Pingdom shows you these results it also tells you what percentage of websites it has analyzed are faster than yours. This gives you an idea of whether you are above or below average.

Normally the update process is straightforward and there should be no problems, but from time to time unforeseen issues do arise. If you have a backup you can restore your website quickly and easily.

As I said at the beginning you can do more things, in fact the hosting and the theme we have are very important. What we have done in this post has been to improve the speed of wordpress in an easy and fast way.