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Configure confirmations so you can review them before making the booking official. Automatically send reminders before a booking to reduce the rate of ‘no-shows’ (bookings that are not honored) and determine if bookings can be cancelled.

Avoid duplicate bookings by allocating the necessary resources to a specific booking. For example, if the 14:00 bride books a fitting and a stylist until 15:30, that stylist will not show up as available for a bride scheduling a 15:00 fitting. You’ll never have to worry about whether you’re offering the same resource to two clients at the same time.

Use the calendar view to see bookings on a particular day or month. You can update availability or existing bookings, as well as apply filters to view specific services or resources.

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Si, como yo, empezaste en los primeros días de la industria del diseño web, es posible que hayas trabajado en proyectos tanto de front como de back-end. La especialización aún no era común – y probablemente no necesitaba serlo. Después de todo, un sitio web típico…

Las API (Application Programming Interfaces) son una de las características más potentes de las redes sociales. Permiten añadir tanto contenido como funcionalidad a un sitio web aprovechando sus enormes capacidades de datos. Y los desarrolladores han encontrado todo tipo de…

Git es un sistema extremadamente potente y sofisticado para el control de versiones distribuidas. Además de ofrecer un enfoque novedoso para la gestión del código fuente, Git ofrece una gran cantidad de características. Lamentablemente, aprender a usar Git puede ser confuso…

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Irish company Two-Ten Health has merged with New Zealand-based Titanium Solutions to form, what will be, the world’s largest enterprise software company specializing in dental health.

«This is a great opportunity for Two-Ten Health,» says founder Carl Moynihan. «We started with a mission to provide much-needed solutions, but what we have achieved as an Irish SME is far beyond our initial ambitions. I have had incredibly talented managers and teams around me throughout this journey and, every success we have achieved as a team for this new opportunity, is well deserved.»

This is another great story of an Irish company backed by Enterprise Ireland that is making waves internationally and achieving its vision of providing valuable healthcare solutions on a global scale.

Both Two-Ten Health and Titanium Solutions are constantly investing in research and development of new products working closely with customers to provide the best solutions.

How to migrate a domain to AwardSpace [STEP BY STEP].

The New South Wales Transport Authority awarded a contract in 2015 for the construction of its new 12-kilometer-long Sydney streetcar line to a consortium participated by Alstom. All … Continue reading →

The state of Queensland is home to some of the country’s priority rail projects, such as the A$5.4 billion (€3.322 billion) Cross River Rail and the high-speed North Coast Connect …. Continue reading →

The cities of Wellington and Aukland are expanding their rail transport networks to offer more and better connections. In addition, commuter services will be strengthened, for which the acquisition of new rolling stock is also being considered.

The states of Western and South Australia as well as the Australian Capital Territory are also opting for rail as a means of transport. Proof of this are the ongoing projects such as MetroNet, connections to Forresfield Airport or the … Continue reading →