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The New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) and the Audiovisual and Multimedia Section (AVMS) with the assistance of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML), invite interested professionals to submit proposals for the open session to be held during IFLA WLIC in Dublin, Ireland, August 15-22, 2020.

The paper must be an original submission not presented or published elsewhere. All papers presented at WLIC 2020 will be available online through the IFLA Library under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

All expenses, including conference registration, travel, accommodation, etc., are the responsibility of the authors/exhibitors. IFLA cannot provide financial support, but a special letter of invitation may be issued to authors/exhibitors of accepted papers.


No tiene nada de malo, simplemente recibe JSON como parámetro y lo convierte a su representación XML para reenviarlo a una instancia del visor de informes BIRT. Aun así, daba el mencionado error cada vez que lo llamaba desde el cliente con un payload JSON, abriendo en una nueva ventana o pestaña.

Resultó que no estaba codificando la URL del valor JSON antes de enviarlo al servicio. Esto estaba causando el error debido a que el parámetro no era reconocido y era requerido por defecto. Tuve que hacerlo para eliminar el error.

Finalmente, establezca esta imagen como Imagen de fondo en la Página maestra de su informe en la pestaña Avanzado del Editor de propiedades. También puede querer establecer el ancho del tamaño del Fondo para cubrirlo para un mejor ajuste.

Normalmente se construyen los informes a partir de datos que ya están almacenados en algún lugar, puede ser una base de datos, un archivo o cualquier otra cosa. Se me pidió que construyera una vista previa de un informe -es decir, antes de insertar los datos- para que el usuario pueda confirmar la información antes de hacer la solicitud.

Strapi vs wordpress

You’ve spent hours working on a piece of fanfiction that you’re excited to publish for others to read. There’s just one thing you’re missing: giving your story a title. The right title can synthesize the story perfectly, alluding to the salient themes and offering a brief perspective through which to contemplate the events of the plot. The wrong title can feel weak and not be able to capture the reader’s interest, which will cause you to commit the worst fault in fiction writing: being forgettable. When it’s time to name your work, it’s vital that you know the kinds of characteristics that make a good title.

Web Paradigm

Your goal should be to have one or more products online that people can access after payment, without requiring their presence. In practice, you should structure it as an infoproduct that generates passive income.

Several people wonder how to create a virtual e-learning platform on WordPress, and if you are one of them, we provide you with the best indications and tools to monetize your knowledge through an online course site created with this system.

To create your e-learning platform, you need to create a reserved area on your site, or a site entirely dedicated to the sale of products, using a plugin that allows you to manage products and users.

This way, you have full control over your products and those who buy them, and everything is fairly automated, which saves you time and dedicates it to the important part which is creating content for your courses.

Below you will find the list of the best learning management system plugins for WordPress and professional themes specially developed for creating LMS sites with WordPress.