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Imagify es un gran compresor de imágenes y la solución definitiva para optimizarlas. Puedes redimensionar y comprimir imágenes de los formatos de imagen más comunes, así como del formato PDF. En caso de que tengas muchas imágenes que optimizar, también puedes redimensionar imágenes en bloque gracias a nuestra opción de optimización en bloque. Con un solo clic, podrás comprimir múltiples imágenes de forma súper sencilla.

Muchas de tus imágenes de alta calidad pueden tener un tamaño demasiado grande. Para reducir el tamaño de las imágenes y comprimir las imágenes grandes, Imagify tiene un ajuste que te permite elegir un ancho máximo para todas tus imágenes, y si subes imágenes que son más grandes que ese tamaño, cambiará el tamaño de las imágenes grandes por ti durante la optimización. Imagify redimensionará las imágenes proporcionalmente sin recortarlas.

Al utilizar nuestra herramienta de compresión de imágenes, Imagify, disfrutará de tamaños de archivo más pequeños y tiempos de carga más rápidos. Pero lo mejor es que optimizará las imágenes y reducirá su peso sin perder calidad: ¿por qué tener que elegir entre belleza y velocidad? Si quieres comprimir imágenes, ¡ahora es más fácil que nunca con Imagify!

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Whether you are opening new offices or just targeting an overseas client base, even acquiring a foreign partnership, there is great potential to scale a business and gain share in another market. To grow into new markets, there are a few key factors to consider, as there is no perfect strategy for choosing a new space to enter.

Denisse Hummel, director of Human Capital, indicates that the best option is to make a diagnosis, starting with the purpose of the expansion and then develop the rest of the implications: cultural barriers or on-the-ground factors. However, there are also a number of operational challenges associated with international expansion that make organizations think twice.

A Going Global survey indicates that only 11 percent of organizations feel equipped to successfully address all aspects and challenges of global expansion, of which their biggest concerns lie in local market knowledge (33 percent), different tax codes (32 percent) or currency volatility (31 percent).

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We would never have thought that this sentence by Albert Einstein would come true, but nowadays we cannot deny it. Technology has become necessary to perform our daily activities, for example, the way we relate with the help of our cell phone and thanks to it, through social networks, we can clearly notice it in the way we communicate with our family, friends and the brands we like.

Currently, companies that do not have these tools are at great risk of not advancing and remain stagnant compared to the competition, being increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves among them.

The new generations were born in a digital world where information is extremely fast and in the same way they expect to get a response, hence the importance of having an appropriate marketing strategy for your brand.

A digital marketing agency is the answer to everyday life in which technology is the queen of our day to day. Don’t forget that the new generations are digital so your brand must be too.

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