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El correo se entrega al servidor de intercambio de correo con el número de preferencia más bajo (prioridad más alta), por lo que el registro MX que utilice para el enrutamiento del correo debe tener el número de preferencia más bajo, normalmente 0 o prioridad alta.

Un dominio es un nombre único que aparece después del signo @ en las direcciones de correo electrónico, y después de www. en las direcciones web. Suele tener la forma del nombre de tu organización y un sufijo estándar de Internet, como tuempresa.com o universidadestatal.edu.

El cambio del dominio por defecto no afecta a las credenciales del usuario ni a su acceso a las aplicaciones o servicios. Cambiar el dominio al que está asociado un usuario afectará al correo, al almacenamiento en línea y a las credenciales de acceso.

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Computer networks are interconnected via the Internet. In order to be able to connect, both the sending and receiving system must provide transmission interfaces, i.e. so-called ports. With netstat, the command line program, you can find out which system ports are open and which connections are active in order to minimize the risk of…

Netsh is a versatile command line tool for network administration in Windows. Once you are familiar with its syntax and special structure, you can use it to perform numerous tasks and solve many problems. Discover the Netsh commands and learn how to manage Windows networks conveniently and efficiently via the command prompt.

cURL is a complex web development tool integrated into Windows 10. Thanks to it, it is possible to communicate with websites via the Windows command line console, without using an FTP client or a browser. In this article we explain, with some practical examples, the keys to handling cURL in Windows.

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In this file of a single line is put the name of the server (or of the Linux machine in general), as this will be my main DNS server and will be located in the city of Managua and I am going to use a hypothetical domain called debian.local, I am going to leave it this way:

In the version I have installed, NetworkManager is not enabled, so I don’t have to do this step. First of all, you must disable any application, applet, icon or something like that that controls the network in graphical mode, in a pre-determined way in Debian 10 comes the NetworkManager as network connection manager. On a server the network adapters are not configured in graphical mode.

In Debian, and other distributions based on Debian, the main configuration file of the network parameters is: interfaces and located in /etc/network/, first of all, it is convenient to make a backup copy of the file.

Debian is practically undefeated in the server category, it is an excellent option if you are looking for an operating system for servers, however Debian is much more, it can be used perfectly for the desktop.

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The automatic installation is the one you should follow unless we tell you otherwise and is the easiest option because WordPress itself takes care of the installation of the plugin with a couple of mouse clicks from the same administration panel, without the need for you to leave your web browser.

When selecting the companies, a brief summary of the tax region is displayed, to clarify the characteristics of the selected company. This reminds us that we must have correctly configured taxes in WooCommerce for that region, so as not to encounter later problems in the synchronization.

We must do the same for all the payment methods we want to support: bank transfer, payment by check, payment at order pickup, etc. Click Save selection and after a few moments, you will be redirected to the Configuration screen, where instead of the initial wizard a summary box will appear with the basic company data, as well as some additional configuration options.