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We study each specific case to offer customized projects and scalability of the business through the web. In addition, we customize your template to provide your website with the necessary functionalities for your company.

There are many times that depending on the needs of the subject, we create our own Custom Post Type to solve any entity we need. Among the properties that the register_post_type() function of the core brings us by default, we find the following arguments in the parameter «supports»: ‘title’, ‘editor’ ‘comments’ ‘revisions’ ‘revisions’ ‘trackbacks’ ‘author’ ‘excerpt’ ‘page-attributes’…

If there is an event where you can really get to know the whole WordPress universe, that is a WordCamp. In this case the WordCamp Madrid 2018 has been again the focus of learning and knowledge of all points of view that affects the CMS, from the purest web development and technologies involved, to…

For some time, in some projects we have needed to extract products by tags in WooCommerce (Something that apparently should come in the core of WooCommerce) For this, we have created this shortcode that with a brief function solves this functionality. Important: the code is generated for a specific project, use it at your own risk.

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Uncode es un tema muy atractivo y supremamente agradable a la vista, ampliamente exitoso y visualmente vibrante y colorido, de aspecto limpio y bien diseñado, accesible y de carga rápida, codificado eficientemente y es tecnológicamente un tema creativo multipropósito.

Aunque se trata de un tema premium, sólo hay dos estilos de blog disponibles, uno de mampostería y otro general. Además, sólo hay un estilo de tienda online disponible con este tema, pero es un tema muy bonito.

Focuson incluye una gran cantidad de sitios web diseñados profesionalmente, demos de páginas de inicio y plantillas, reduciendo inmensamente el tiempo y el esfuerzo necesario para crear un sitio web de negocios moderno, hermoso y funcional.

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Corporate websites should therefore make it easy to understand what the company does, describe your services or products and provide an easy way for customers and clients to contact you. You will also want to include testimonials or publications where you have appeared to build trust and credibility.

If you would like to see examples of business websites that have the above features and see how they use them, take a look at our selection of the best business and corporate websites.

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Allow your customers to book reservations, appointments or rentals on their own, no need for phone calls. Save time and fill your calendar by letting your site do the work for you.

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