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In Latin America and the Caribbean, there is a growing mood of punishment. In 17 countries the prison population doubled between 2002 and 2014, reaching 1.2 million people deprived of liberty. An important factor has been the imposition of harsher sentences on offenders. It would not be unusual to witness a further increase, reaching even 3.4 million inmates by 2030.

Long sentences also tend not to be very effective in deterring crime. For a long sentence to have an effect, offenders should be able to assimilate that information and rationally compare the current benefits against the eventual costs of being caught, and be deterred by the prospect of spending a long time in prison. But this type of behavior hardly describes offenders who tend to have low self-control mechanisms and act on the impulse of the present.

A key point of reference is the diminishing returns of prison as a crime-fighting tool. When incarceration rates are low and only the most dangerous and high-risk offenders are incarcerated, the benefits of incarceration can be significant. But when the prison population is high, as in California, and individuals who present a relatively low risk to society are caught, the benefits of incarceration as a crime-fighting tool diminish greatly.

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Among the contributors to the anthology are such industry names as Kazu Kibuishi, editor and art director of the Flight comics and the creator of the Amulet graphic novels for Scholastic Publishing; Gregorocque Publishing; LaRocque Publishing; and Gregorocque Publishing.

Among the contributors to the anthology are such industry names as Kazu Kibuishi, editor and art director of the Flight comics and the creator of the Amulet graphic novels for Scholastic Publishing; Greg LaRocque, an artist who has worked

More typical are the prejudicial titles of the bestselling The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels (1979); the entire scholarly series by E.J. Brill, Nag Hammadi Studies: The Coptic Gnostic Library; and The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels (1979).

More typical are the prejudicial titles of Elaine Pagel’s best-selling The Gnostic Gospels (1979); E.J. Brill’s entire scholarly series, Nag Hammadi Studies: The Coptic Gnostic Library; and The Coptic Gnostic Library (1979).

creative solutions to aid in the rebuilding process with technology such as prefabricated housing,» says Susan Segal, president and CEO of the Americas Society and Council of the Americas in New York.

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Russia’s recognition of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions as independent did not come «out of the blue» and was instead a decision to «protect and preserve» residents in those regions, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations said Monday.

«As we have said, we are committed to finding a diplomatic solution that avoids a brutal and costly conflict, but diplomacy cannot succeed unless Russia changes course,» a State Department spokesman said, adding that Putin’s actions on Monday «constitute a major escalation.»

China issued a brief statement at the emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday, in which the Chinese ambassador to the UN said that «all parties involved should exercise restraint and avoid any actions that could fuel tensions.»

«The current situation in Ukraine is the result of many complex factors. China always takes its own position depending on the merits of the issue itself. We believe that all countries should resolve international disputes by peaceful means in line with the purposes and principles of the UN charter,» he said.

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Dominance, in common parlance, means «power and influence over others». It means supremacy, superiority, predominance, dominance, power, authority, command, control. It has so many meanings and connotations that it is difficult to know how to use the word as a precise scientific term applied to the behavioral sciences. Moreover, the scientists who use it (as well as those who repudiate it) have not made much effort to define it in an accurate way, which has contributed to the current confusion, meaningless discussions, disagreements and absurd assertions.

It is my intention to remedy this, first by demonstrating that dominance does exist, and then by establishing that it refers to the same type of behavior, regardless of the species in question. I will then give a precise, pragmatic and verifiable definition of the term, which will be compatible with evolutionary theory and our knowledge of biology. Finally, I will argue that, while it is true that a good (beneficial and stable) relationship is not based on continuous demonstrations of dominance/submission by the same individuals to the same individuals, this does not imply that dominance does not exist in dogs (and in any other species). Denying the existence of dominance in dogs has become a widespread argument that we should not build a relationship with our dogs based on dominance.