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Said director, it is still time to answer our complaint and leaving to our fate abandoning the workers who are serving in these lines, ignoring the laws that protect workers in CHAPTER II of Royal Decree 486/1997 of April 14 by establishing the minimum safety and health provisions in the workplace in Article 3. General obligation of the employer.

The employer must adopt the necessary measures so that the use of workplaces does not give rise to risks to the safety and health of workers or, if this is not possible, so that such risks are reduced to a minimum.

As can be seen, in the letter we asked the Director for safety measures. Also, and waiting for his non-existent actions, approximately one month ago, the permanent drivers of Line 116, unable to wait any longer, wrote another letter asking the company for a solution to the problems of overcrowding, abandonment, personal safety and health that they have on the line. Attached (Document 3).

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The purpose of this post is to introduce the Data augmentation technique applied to a dataset of images of handwritten texts in Bengali language, in order to improve the performance of the algorithms in recognizing this kind of texts.

A Bangladeshi non-profit company is helping to solve this problem by organizing a competition and providing the necessary data and images so that researchers from around the world can participate and develop innovative ideas and solutions to boost OCR in this language.

Technology is advancing rapidly and taking less and less time to be widely adopted, from hardware with incredible potential to new communication trends such as social networking, where we share millions of personal photos and videos per second with the potential to spread virally reaching millions of people. As we enter the age of artificial intelligence these advances become exponential, beginning to revolutionize our perspective on how to solve difficult problems.

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«True poets have a passport to travel through time, forwards or backwards, and visit all past and future epochs, possibly following the same canons as the most elementary particles and force fields …» (Pedro F. González-Díaz).

What I like most about Pedro’s articles is the suggestive titles of his articles: «Is doomsday just around the corner?» [1]; «No need to be afraid of «phantom energy» [2]; «Phantom thermodynamics» [3]; «Timeless cosmic future» [8]; «Dark energy without dark energy» [10]; and these are just a few examples.