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Dear, I have extensive experience developing, I have done before integrations with Woocommerce systems to update data from APIs or Rest services from other systems, I can perform the update prog.

I have read your project and I can do it without problems. I have already done other Woocommerce store upgrades with vendor APIs. It would create a Cron Job Task, which would run a PHP script and this current one.

I’m Memo Ortiz, we are a 100% digital based agency, conformed by a team of creatives with the mission to boost your brand/startup and take it to the next Level. We want to put all our experience and

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Hay ocasiones en las que múltiples equipos con diferentes necesidades y profesionales del negocio trabajan sobre la misma base de código, lo que infiere comunicación y sobrecarga en la coordinación entre ellos en diferentes momentos del ciclo de desarrollo, aumentando el tiempo del ciclo, el tiempo de recuperación de errores, etc.

Debido a esto (y a otras muchas razones) muchos equipos optan por desvincularse del resto, llevando su dominio a otro lugar. Para ello, muchos utilizan técnicas como la Aplicación Estranguladora, la creación de una Burbuja Autónoma o incluso buscan migrar su dominio a una nueva aplicación totalmente independiente.

Estos enfoques son efectivos cuando se trata de sistemas heredados o de terceros, sin embargo, cuando se trata de aplicaciones en constante evolución, estos enfoques requieren un gran esfuerzo antes de empezar a obtener un beneficio real; hay veces que simplemente son esfuerzos interminables.

Cuando pensamos en quitar una pieza del sistema a otro lado, lo que nos viene a la mente es una extracción: quitar una pieza del todo (figura 1), sin embargo, otra forma de verlo, es mantener la pieza y quitar el resto (figura 2)

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Access, rectify and delete data, data portability, limitation or opposition to its processing, right not to be subject to automated decisions, as well as to obtain clear and transparent information about the processing of your data.

Look for the blue button that says «My Captcha» at the top right of the website and, after clicking there, you will be redirected to an installer where you will have to configure the information it asks for as you see in this image:

This is a more complex version that exists for Android applications. We are going to see the ones for web environment, but you should know that it exists and if you need it you can read its documentation in this link:

Perfect! Now you just have to click on register and it will generate some codes that you will have to use to configure Captcha in WordPress. If you have done everything correctly, the next screen will show you the 2 main keys that I was telling you (site key and secret key). It should be a screen similar to this one:

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Kinematic Joints connect two nodes and allow a certain relative motion or rotation relationship between the two depending on which type of joint is established. The types of kinematic joints available are as follows:

They can be used for the analysis of Finite Element models containing moving parts, such as aerostructures, helicopters, space deployable structures, gas turbines or Machine Tool models. The addition of loads on the kinematic joint as a new load type can be used to impose displacements or rotations on kinematic joints.

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