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WordPress can serve perfectly to create a business website, understanding as such a page where we can report on everything that concerns our company or business: who we are, services, customers, etc..

Although there are other specific content managers to create online stores (PrestaShop, Magento, etc.), WordPress can be a completely valid option, since it has several plugins that allow us to incorporate an online store on our website. Of all of them, WooCommerce would be the most recommended option, although we can choose another plugin.

Thanks to WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin we can have an online store with all the typical features we expect to find in an application of this type: unlimited product creation, organization of products by category, ability to add attributes to products, various payment and shipping systems, advanced order management, etc..

As we mentioned before, the thousands of plugins available for WordPress will allow us to extend the possibilities of our WordPress website, to be able to achieve almost anything: support forum, booking management website, business directory, video channel, etc.

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You will have access to all the video tutorials for as long as you want. There is no time limitation, you can do it in as much time as you need and watch the tutorials as many times as you want.

If you want to make a website with wordpress, you can consult before this course, but if you want to see how to make an online store because you already mastered wordpress, you can access the different levels or different courses such as woocommerce, plugins and others.

You can access totally free to different courses. You also have other premium courses at very reasonable prices. You can download the plugins and themes available in our repository and ask our technicians any questions. We will help you in solving your needs.

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Managed WP automates all WordPress, plugin, theme and PHP version updates for a website. It adds additional standard (unmanaged) versions at no additional cost.

Managed WP automates all WordPress updates, plugins, themes and PHP versions for a website. Adds additional standard (unmanaged) releases at no additional cost.

Covers the needs of almost any project with ample storage. Plans are limited only by the nature of the shared hosting environment. Performance issues may arise in exceptional cases and are due to technical resources (processors, PHP memory limits, disk space, etc.) that are allocated to other websites.

Managed WP automates all updates of WordPress, plugins, themes and PHP versions for a website. It adds additional standard (unmanaged) versions at no additional cost.

Cloudflare’s Railgun™ content delivery network (CDN) takes all your website files and duplicates them to the nearest server. This decreases page load times and improves the user experience.

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El administrador debe ser capaz de establecer varias opciones de seguridad y autenticación para esa página. El moderador de la página (que no tiene otros derechos de WP) tendrá las opciones de qué tipos de comentarios están disponibles y cómo se ven. El usuario puede añadir comentarios a la página utilizando todo tipo (imágenes, texto, vídeo, …) cada uno con un diseño único.

Este es un nuevo servidor de minecraft que tendrá el potencial de ser uno de los mejores. Estamos buscando un equipo fuerte de desarrolladores que conozcan la instalación, desarrollo y configuración de plugins. Quiero un equipo que sea leal hasta el final y que comparta la misma pasión por ser el mejor servidor. Sé que el pago por hora es bajo pero habrá muchos otros beneficios y formas de ganar dinero en este equipo.

Quiero crear un plugin de audio que sea capaz de utilizar como vst o AU o AAX. Necesito un gran comunicador y un gran diseñador de plugins o si soy capaz de subcontratar el diseño del plugin que sería genial también. Voy a ayudar a diseñar el «uso y presets del plugin»