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I’m lucky enough to work on what I love, to be learning every day about the world of social networks and create new things. But I always felt that I wanted to do it for me, that’s why I’m taking up blogging again.

In my spare time I really liked to go on Urstyle, Pinterest and create posts here. But, I stopped doing that, mainly because I didn’t have time for it. However, now that I’m keeping myself more busy, I’ve taken out some time to post on Instagram (I invite you to follow me as @seamosnosotras hehe).

And how have I been feeling? Better, more motivated. It’s what I’ve always loved and I’m happy to take it up again. Before I used to hide the existence of the blog with the people closest to me, not so much because they would make fun of me, but because I thought I would feel a pressure on what content to publish and to save sensitivity haha.

I always repeat: Working life is hard. And after going through several experiences at my young age, I can say that one should not devote more than what is needed to work. That’s why you should give time to your passions, to throw yourself a movie marathon, go back to playing soccer, etc.


El error anterior aparece cuando intentas subir una imagen en WordPress. En mi caso, esto apareció de la noche a la mañana, y aunque sé que algo debió cambiar o actualizarse, no sabría decir qué fue. El problema era que la imagen que estaba subiendo definitivamente cumplía con los criterios de tamaño indicados en el error, con sólo 1100px de ancho. Así que algo más estaba pasando.

Resulta que cuando obtienes este error, es porque tu configuración de PHP ha llegado al máximo. Ahora bien, si no eres técnico, no dejes que eso te asuste. Sólo significa que el lenguaje de codificación que ejecuta su sitio web necesita más espacio para operar en el servidor. Piensa en más espacio para hacer lo suyo.

Aquí están las instrucciones paso a paso sobre cómo utilizar cPanel, la interfaz que viene con su paquete de alojamiento, para solucionar el error. Si no eres técnico, siempre puedes llamar a tu compañía de alojamiento y pedirles que «pongan la configuración de PHP al máximo» y eso te dará el mismo resultado.

A partir de aquí todo lo que tienes que hacer es poner tu línea memory_limit al máximo en el desplegable – en mi caso, esto era 512M. Se guarda cuando lo seleccionas, así que no te preocupes por tener que pulsar un botón «Save» o «Commit» en cualquier lugar.

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The sidebar located to the right or left of the main content area of your website allows your visitors to quickly access various information. Usually, in WordPress theme or Joomla templates, you can assign the sidebar to widgets or output modules, which require WordPress widget areas or Joomla positions that you can add and modify in your website administration panel.

Font schemes are a pair of fonts presented as default fonts, which you can select for all text on a website. The first font matches and applies to all headings and titles of a website, and the second font fits well and is used for all regular text and paragraphs.

Display your WordPress website pages in your widget areas with the pages widget. It makes it easier for visitors and readers to navigate and find information on your web pages.

Use the RSS widget to get RSS feed headlines from WordPress sites, blogs, other news sites and feeds that offer RSS feeds. You can use this tool to collect and aggregate feed information from syndicated RSS feeds to display on your websites.

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The automatic installation is the one you should follow unless we tell you otherwise and is the easiest option because WordPress itself takes care of the installation of the plugin with a couple of mouse clicks from the same administration panel, without the need for you to leave your web browser.

When selecting companies, a brief summary of the tax region is displayed, to clarify the characteristics of the selected company. This reminds us that we must have correctly configured taxes in WooCommerce for that region, to avoid encountering problems later in the synchronization.

We must do the same for all the payment methods we want to support: bank transfer, payment by check, payment at order pickup, etc. Click Save selection and after a few moments, you will be redirected to the Configuration screen, where instead of the initial wizard a summary box will appear with the basic company data, as well as some additional configuration options.