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If you ever bought a new machine and wanted to install the list of installed programs on your old one, without having a special technique to do it, you will understand why I am very interested in this technique in Ubuntu to automate the process…

Then, on the new machine, we update the source list of packages and use apt-get to install from our archive (which we can copy by an scp command or just mail it to you):

apt-get -u dselect-upgradeAnd that’s it! If, in addition, you want to recover everything you had personal on the other machine, you can also copy your home folder with the following command from the new machine:cd; rsync -avz [email protected]:/home/user/ .For it to work without problem, it is better to keep the same user name you used on the previous machine. It is recommended to first recover the user folder and *then* install the packages. This way, the installation will take into account the possible important parameters when starting these applications.

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En esta última semana, actualicé mi RStudio en Debian Wheezy y resultó que necesitaba una versión más reciente del paquete lib6. Una solución fiable fue actualizar mi sistema a Jessie, la actual distribución estable de Debian. Su última actualización, Debian 8.1, fue publicada el 6 de junio de 2015.

Por este motivo, comparto, en este post, los pasos que seguí para actualizar mi sistema manteniendo la configuración de usuario y los principales programas que uso como R, RStudio, Matlab, Mendeley, TeXstudio y otros.

Además, después de actualizar la distribución, tuve que elegir el dispositivo en el que debía instalarse grub. Si es tu caso, debes seleccionar el dispositivo /dev/sda si tu pc tiene un solo disco (usa la barra espaciadora para elegir el dispositivo). En caso contrario, utiliza el siguiente enlace http://askubuntu.com/questions/23418/what-do-i-select-for-grub-install-devices-after-an-update.

Hace unos meses terminé mi tesis de grado y modifiqué el proyecto ClemsonThesis realizado por Andrew R. Dalton para personalizar y crear la clase UniThesis.cls en LaTeX como plantilla para tesis de grado en la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI). La plantilla tiene las características requeridas por la UNI, pero puede ser utilizada por los estudiantes de otras universidades modificando su información personal. Además, este proyecto está actualizado en https://github.com/ y se puede descargar y utilizar a través del siguiente enlace:

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The automatic installation is the one you should follow unless we tell you otherwise and is the easiest option because WordPress itself takes care of the installation of the plugin with a couple of mouse clicks from the same administration panel, without the need for you to leave your web browser.

When selecting the companies, a brief summary of the tax region is displayed, to clarify the characteristics of the selected company. This reminds us that we must have correctly configured taxes in WooCommerce for that region, to avoid encountering problems later in the synchronization.

We must do the same for all the payment methods we wish to support: bank transfer, payment by check, payment at order pickup, etc. Click Save selection and after a few moments, you will be redirected to the Configuration screen, where instead of the initial wizard a summary box will appear with the basic company data, as well as some additional configuration options.

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During this decade of web entries, wget is undoubtedly one of the tools I have used the most for downloading files. It is a tool for non-interactive downloading of files from the Web. It supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols, as well as retrieval through an HTTP proxy.

As we said wget is non-interactive, which means that it can run in the background, while the user is not logged in. It allows you to start a recovery and log off from the system, letting wget finish the job. In contrast, most web browsers require the constant presence of the user, which can be a big obstacle when transferring a large amount of data.

Another advantage is that you can follow links in HTML, XHTML and CSS pages to create local versions of remote web sites, completely recreating the directory structure of the original site. This is sometimes called «recursive reloading». In doing so, wget respects the robots exclusion standard, that is «robots.txt». We can instruct it to convert links in downloaded files to point to local files for offline viewing.