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Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (Official HD Video)

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the world’s largest fund dedicated to combating climate change. It was born in 2010 under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to turn innovative plans inspired by CO2 reduction and climate adaptation into climate action.

It analyzed 280 projects submitted by individuals and organizations from countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe and South Pacific countries. The GCF award for their environmental, social and business initiatives with which they have already achieved remarkable progress in their home countries in reducing the greenhouse effect. These awards will be inspirational in raising global awareness of the climate emergency that is already here.

Javier Manzanares, executive director of the GCF, said, «The projects submitted for the GCF Green Champions Awards showcase the wide variety of innovative activities that have been implemented with great courage and ambition in developing countries with the goal of reversing climate change.»

BTS – Cypher Pt.4 [English Sub.]

But, Jose Francisco D’Angelo grows, learns and triumphs with the suggestions and support of his father Francisco, champion trainer in Venezuela in 2001, 2003 and 2004. Today his dad is six wins away from 100 victories in the North.

«We are working hard to continue competing at the highest level. What we want is to keep winning races and get good horses to be in the great classics of this country,» he insisted.

But, within that equine population is the horse Jesus’ Team, his card for the flashy races. In fact, he is coming off a third-place finish in the Preakness Stakes (Grade 1) at Pimlico Racetrack in Baltimore, Maryland.

«The plan is to run the Breeders’ Cup Mile in the first week of November. It’s an ideal competition to pit him against mature horses for the first time. He comes from running very well in the Preakness Stakes with that third place and, above all, he looked excellent finishing after the stripe,» expressed Jose Francisco D’Angelo.

«Here what I have assimilated the most is the delicate issue of moving and traveling with the horses to other racetracks. A false move can cost you the horse, the race and time. You have to know the schedule and the rules when changing racetracks; the licenses, the permits to claim a horse», described the professional.

How To Make Nail Polish Foot from Kinetic Sand

– Once the energy of the news is down, we start trying not to get our hopes up, lest we get a shock and not know how to keep our composure, we remember the blonde from ABBA singing The winner takes it all and we start to calm down just in case.

– Before leaving the house, we get in the right frame of mind. We have to be positive and attract luck, lest we lose the prize because we are so optimistic, be like Raphael, and repeat to ourselves that this is going to be my big night.

– When we arrive at the event it is very likely that we will meet the rest of the nominees in our category. The exchange of glances can be definitive, we have to be cautious because we do not know what media will be hunting for an exclusive. Inside us, a cat fight, outside us, an embassy. Prizefighter by Eels is playing.

– That’s when they announce the winner, and call your name. You walk on stage in a nervous wreck and they place it in your hands. You look at it, you feel it, you’re made for each other. Mariah Carey’s We belong together plays in the background.

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Luis Aragonés: En los primeros partidos hay que salir con el 110% desde el principio. Y hoy, en mi opinión, no han salido así. Han salido como si estuvieran convencidos de que iban a ganar fácilmente. Y en el fútbol eso no ocurre.

FT: Hablé con Xabi, con Xavi, y le dije, ya sabes, con Luis hay que leer entre líneas, le conocemos y sabemos leer entre líneas, debemos escucharle. No es la opinión de cualquiera, debemos escucharle, vamos a escuchar atentamente y prestar atención a lo que nos quiere decir. Hemos pasado tanto tiempo con él que sabemos interpretar lo que dice. Y creo que, en cierto modo, nos ayudó, nos motivó, que nuestro entrenador nos pidiera más, nos exigiera más… [se corrige] nuestro antiguo entrenador.

Xavi Hernández: Y fue entonces cuando Fernando Hierro dio un paso adelante. Nos reunió a los que llevábamos más tiempo en el equipo, los capitanes, y nos dijo que no tenía ninguna duda de que este equipo podía hacer algo grande en el Mundial…