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Do you want to take the opportunity to disconnect and relax? Look for the best weekend getaways to enjoy a few different days in a quiet getaway in contact with nature. The geographyRead more…

How many times have we said: «let’s go to the Caribbean»? You start looking for Caribbean 2×1 offers and you can’t find anything. Here we explain the truth of the matter. Many wholesalers and travel agenciesRead more…

As we call it, «The mini New York» is fantastic to enjoy a varied vacation with your family, friends or partner. Divided in two, Levante and Poniente, BenidormRead more…

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There are more and more websites that do not show the real price of what they offer, prices that do not include taxes or vat, or that directly tell you about 2×1 when in fact the price is the same as always for that season. It is also very common to see prices per person, and that price has to be multiplied by 2 since it is understood that the accommodation is in a double room, for some it is not a problem since by logic it can be understood, but for many people it generates confusion and ultimately choose to book in a physical travel agency before knowing where to travel. Something that in my opinion is a mistake, since no matter how much security they offer you if there are problems they will not solve anything and you will pay more for your trip than booking online.

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Sólo tengo una petición. ¿Por qué se abre una nueva ventana del calendario? No hay ninguna opción para desactivar esto. Sería estupendo poder desactivar esto para que desde el calendario se vaya a los resultados de la búsqueda en la misma página.

Facilita el trabajo pero lo he eliminado porque: No quiero mostrar «Add my referral link ?» en mi página web y he intentado ocultarlo pero parece que la configuración de esta aplicación no funciona y no lo oculta, así que he eliminado el plugin. Por favor, arreglenlo. Lo compruebo más tarde

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Rio Blanco Reserva Natura is one of the most important natural reserves in the country, with more than 350 species of birds, which makes it a perfect place for bird watching and to take tours through the ecological trails, which include an incredible cloud forest, where you can learn about the beautiful fauna and flora that represents our region.

This is a cultural and natural experience that opens the minds of travelers to show them how agricultural production can go hand in hand with preservation and conservation of biodiversity. This tour plan includes:

They walk among coffee plantations and routes with water sources, where they can appreciate native species, visit the processing plant («Beneficiadero») and the kiosk of the Main House, where they can appreciate the traditional architecture, which is one of the important factors in the declaration of the Coffee Cultural Landscape for its beauty, color and authenticity, as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO).