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A domain name is an address that users use to visit your site. It tells the web browser where to look for your site. Just like a physical address, the domain allows users to visit your website online, and just like a store sign, a custom domain name gives your site a professional look.

You can also renew your domain from the Shopping Cart screen. Learn more here, where you’ll also find details about the refund policy and when you’ll be charged for domain renewal, as well as some answers to frequently asked questions.

If you want to keep a domain, never let it expire. The domain expiration process is long and complicated, and you may pay a recovery fee ($80) or lose the domain completely if you let it expire.

It may cost you money to recover a domain if you cancel it. We recommend that you cancel a domain only when it is clear that you do not want to use it again and if you are not worried about someone else registering and using it. Once canceled, you have a short period of 5 days during which you can renew it at the normal price. After that period, a recovery fee ($80) will apply if you want to restore it.

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The number of people who use WordPress without being developers or programmers is getting bigger and bigger making this system one of the most implemented to make a commercial or personal website.WordPress themes are easy to customize, as they have a huge amount of options that allow you to change colors, upload a logo, change your background, create beautiful galleries, and do many other great things without having to write a single line of code and in practically one click.The functionality of the plugins makes WordPress flexible, versatile and powerful. As with themes and templates that help this process of creating a website.

The first, consider that if so many people and organizations have chosen this system, not everyone must be wrong. The second, that its enormous popularity is perhaps due to other advantages such as its open license, ease of use and its own characteristics as a CMS.

Creation of three websites with the different services offered by this law firm, achieving the same structure for all of them, but with specialized content in a different sector in each of them. In addition, the creation of an online consultancy.

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Yes, all plans and domains are automatically renewed on a yearly basis. We take care of everything. We charge your account one month prior to the end of the subscription period. We will contact you in case you need to update your payment information.

Yes! You can sell specific products on your blog with your PayPal account and a button that directs your readers to the PayPal payment screen. You can also publish sponsored posts, use affiliate links in your content and submit an application to participate in WordAds, our advertising program.

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Here we provide a free plugin developed by us to block the coockies in Joomla until the user accepts, in the case of not caring or cancel if you do not want to install coockies.

IMPORTANT: This plugin blocks all coockies so if we have an online store, and the user does not accept it is possible that we find errors in the operation of any process that requires the use of these. If what you want is just a warning message, with accept we recommend this other article.