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When something goes wrong on our website, errors are generated or there are incompatibilities between plugins, the procedure to locate the cause usually includes temporarily disabling all plugins to check if the error is still occurring and, if not, activate them one by one to see which of them generates, with its activation, the error.

However, there are situations in which you must be very careful when performing this operation. Especially we must be very careful if we have subscriptions (recurring payments) on our website, as there are a number of things to keep in mind when temporarily disabling WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Many times I have spoken in this blog about the importance of having a fast website: customers are (we are, since we are all customers) very impatient, and a long loading time makes us immediately give up to continue browsing the web.

But what happens when the backend takes a long time to load? When the WordPress desktop is slow to load, working on your website can become a nightmare. Let’s see what we can do when the WordPress admin dashboard is slow to load.


Security is not absolute. It is a continuous process and should be managed as such. Security is about risk reduction. Not risk elimination. It is about using the security controls best suited to cover the risks and threats that apply to your website.

How you decide to host your website is important, and should be done carefully: the decision you make will dictate the specific security controls you must put in place. This means that you, the site owner, will be responsible for hardening your installation and that is why this guide is so important.

Moving beyond theory, we take concepts presented above and provide a list of actions you can take as a web site administrator to strengthen and improve your security posture:

If you are on shared hosting (one that hosts websites other than your own) and a website on the same server is compromised, you may experience cross-site contamination. Talk to your hosting provider to better understand how they manage security on their shared servers.

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La buena noticia es que la mayoría de los desastres de seguridad pueden ser prevenidos. Usando iThemes Security, usted puede identificar y detener los ataques a su sitio web. Ahorrándose el tiempo y el costo de reparar un sitio web hackeado.

Cada día, muchas actividades están ocurriendo en su sitio web que usted no puede ver. Muchas de estas actividades pueden estar relacionadas con la seguridad de su sitio, por lo que la supervisión de estos eventos es vital para mantener su sitio seguro.

Diferentes tipos de niveles de usuarios requieren diferentes niveles de seguridad. Durante el proceso de configuración de seguridad de iThemes, puede identificar los grupos de usuarios clave de su sitio web. Una vez identificados los diferentes tipos de usuarios, puede aplicar el nivel de seguridad adecuado para cada grupo de usuarios.

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WordPress will allow you to create and manage your website, whether it is a blog, corporate website or online store, in a simple and intuitive way. The main feature of our managed WordPress hosting is that its infrastructure is optimized for WordPress, you will not have to worry about technical aspects of servers so you can dedicate your time only to create and manage your web pages.

We use not only the best software technologies such as free SSL with Lets Encrypt, HTTP/2, Server Cache, PHP-FPM, Apache with .htaccess support, but we also offer the best Hardware with SSD disks.

Although we give you many customization options, and even SSH, you don’t have to worry about anything. For example, you don’t have to know what a web server is, nor a mail server. We take care of all the configurations transparently. We give you a control panel where you can interact with your hosting, create your email accounts, etc. without any knowledge of system administration.