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The American Association on Mental Retardation, offers us a definition that I think we should take into account when deciding if this or that person suffers from mental retardation. The following slide shows such definition and some related points, I hope you find it useful.

A very interesting document, where an analysis of the MPC (Progressive Color Matrices) is made, from a neuropsychological point of view, in order to find data that allow us to deduce possible Specific Learning Disorders (ASD).

Metal Gear Solid V: Missão 35 Legado Amaldiçoado

¡Estamos trabajando en una actualización bastante grande en este momento! Mientras lo hacíamos, encontramos algunas mejoras importantes relacionadas con el rendimiento y la memoria que no queríamos dejaros esperando. Así que aquí tenéis un pequeño paquete de cuidados, de nuestra parte, para vosotros.

La actualización 7.0 es increíble, el tema negro verdadero se ve increíble en las pantallas OLED, los efectos sobre el streaming, la búsqueda de episodios, los filtros, es simplemente perfecto. Lo único que echo en falta es ordenar los episodios para visualizar primero los descargados.

Gracias por el informe. Sí, como solución, puedes poner el idioma en inglés para evitar el bloqueo. Este es un problema conocido y todavía estamos trabajando en una solución. Esperamos poder publicarla en la próxima actualización. Gracias de nuevo.

Me encanta vuestra plataforma, es sin duda la mejor aplicación de podcast. También tengo la nueva versión beta de la aplicación para Mac y es preciosa. Me gustaría pedir respetuosamente un tema negro en la aplicación para iOS. Básicamente, me encantaría ver la aplicación con un tema negro porque tengo la X y la pantalla OLED puede hacer que ahorre batería al tener tanto negro en mi pantalla como sea posible. Nuevamente felicitaciones por un excelente producto me gusta mucho la interfaz tan intuitiva.

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Reflection and dynamics on the different problems that can be found in couple relationships.    It is proposed how to live different situations around this topic and how to help other couples.

This activity aims to bring the student closer to the world of fashion and to reflect on the degree of interest that this topic has both in their personal and social life.  To do so, the starting point is a television report where all the skills are integrated and the main objective is the development of audiovisual comprehension.

Exploitation of fragments of the documentary «Bye bye, Barcelona» by Eduardo Chibás to talk about tourism, specifically the tourist phenomenon in Barcelona, and the advantages and disadvantages that this boom implies for the citizens and for the visitors themselves. Review of concessive verbs.

Activity in which the verbs of change are worked from a biographical text of David Bowie, famous among other things for being multifaceted. Through this written sample, a series of exercises are developed with a summarized table so that the student internalizes the mechanism of these verbs and can begin to use them correctly.


To perform this activity you need: thick paper or cardboard, skewer stick, shaving foam, acrylic paints, a ruler and a disposable cardboard or aluminum tray (the typical ones where you put take-out food).

Jackson Pollock is known for his technique known as «Dripping», which consisted of using his body movements to splash paint on his large white canvases laid out on the floor. Not only did he splatter, he would also drop paint on the canvas using brushes, wooden sticks, kitchen utensils and even his own hands.

The beauty and fun of the creative process is that you can do it as a group, as a family, and share the experience with parents and children. Another fun way to create a Pollock is the image below:

What if we get our hands a little dirty? All we need is acrylic paint, paper, containers and balloons. Using various colors, we can make colorful prints using this plastic technique that consists of making circular figures with colored effects.